• The Bigger Story of Expertise

    The Bigger Story of Expertise

    DHC-London provides a bespoke service for parents, teenagers, students and recent graduates. 

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    Educational Support

    We have the academic and vocational expertise to help young people tackle the major academic hurdles...

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  • And what’s the secret?

    And what’s the secret?

    There’s no magic ingredient – just close attention and a willingness to think afresh

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Welcome to DHC London


DHC-London (David Hargreaves’ Consultancy) advises and supports parents, teenagers, students and recent graduates.

The Consultancy is targeted especially at young men and women aged between about 13 and 25.

This age-range is, of course, not set in stone - but it reflects our experience and training.

Since starting in 2014, we have welcomed well over 1,000 private and institutional clients, all of whom have been glad to draw on David Hargreaves’ nearly forty years’ experience as a teacher, writer and educator.

How does it work?

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