How might the consultation process work?

  • Like much in life, we often begin with a phone call or an email. That’s usually the prelude to a meeting which typically lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. In the case of clients still at school, I would almost certainly meet the parents first. With university students or graduates, we just meet ourselves and settle down to whatever is at issue.
  • Meetings happen at a client’s home or mine. As long as the journey is of a reasonable length, I don’t charge for travelling time. Clients are most welcome to visit me in Islington, if that feels easier.
  • Meetings are really about clients talking and me listening, and then us settling down to practical steps – typically, these are collaborative: drafting a letter, planning an essay, rehearsing a conversation. One measure of success, so far as I am concerned, is the extent to which the client actively enjoys the process. 
  • Skype or WhatsApp can also be a very good way of working – they’re essential, obviously, for candidates living abroad, but also time-efficient and unstressful, as well as being very economical. If we’re looking at Personal Statements or Job Applications, a good deal of business is transacted by email as well.


What are the charges?

  • DHC charges £180 per hour.
  • All face to face consultations are timed to last one hour, although this can be extended by arrangement;  Skypes (and other calls) are charged in units of fifteen minutes; time spent editing is also billed at the same rate.

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