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David Hargreaves’ Consultancy advises and supports parents, teenagers, students and recent graduates.

The Consultancy is targeted especially at young men and women aged between about 13 and 25. This age-range is, of course, not set in stone - but it reflects my experience and training.

Why should you consider going to DHC?

  • Because I have the relevant experience: Since DHC opened its doors in Summer 2014, it has welcomed over 700 private and institutional clients – from independent and maintained schools, from universities and workplaces - in London and the Home Counties, Edinburgh, France, Italy, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Azerbaijan. Before starting DHC, I spent 31 years as a teacher of bright teenagers, 28 of them at Westminster School. For most of that time I was a Boarding Housemaster and Head of the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13), which helped to bring me an ongoing relationship with many young men and women as they have forged their lives through university and beyond. I have known literally thousands of pupils and hundreds of families.
  • Because, in every way which is appropriate to age and circumstance, I work with parents. My aim is to support them and thereby to serve the interests and wellbeing of their families. The journey to independent adulthood is never uneventful and even the bravest and best of parents sometimes draw comfort and understanding through sharing experience.
  • Because I am independent. I listen to all parties, and apply my own understanding and experience to all I am hearing. I am careful to avoid preconceptions and to stay sensitive to individuals, their different histories and circumstances. The support I seek to offer, and the advice I try to give, is different in every case – because every client has their own particular story.
  • Because, fond as I am of the young, I am unafraid. I try to stand shoulder to shoulder with families, especially with unhappy youngsters at difficult times. Navigating one’s way into calmer waters, however, generally requires an element of cool self-appraisal, and often of structure and routine. It’s not unknown for people of all ages to seek to sidestep awkward truths. But, if the relationship has been given a bit of time in which to build up, we can usually do well together.

David Hargreaves

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