Graduate perspectives

  • David Hargreaves has been a constant supporter, regular adviser, and ultimately good friend. David is blessed with a genius for understanding immediately whether empathetic listening or goal-directed counsel is required, and matches this understanding in his ability to deliver both with equal kindness and sincerity. He is a great man to have at one's side.
  • "Searching for, and deciding on opportunities after graduation can be a very challenging time for most. David is able to provide the individual guidance and support to navigate your way after university. Fantastic and personal service, a great eye opener and confidence builder for those with eyes on an exciting future". 
  • I met David through Skype, which was a great experience. He is very enthusiastic and knows a lot about the condition of students about to leave the university, and provides great advice. He is a great listener and adapts his discourse to your situation in order to be of the greatest help possible.

Student perspectives

  • In the last few months David has helped me hugely, firstly by helping me to clarify my thoughts on my decision to switch course and university, and secondly by helping me to find a suitable place and apply. His style is to ask the right questions, encouraging me to come to independent decisions about how to move forward, and using his educational expertise to best inform me on my options. I would recommend David to anyone coming to a crossroads in their education.
  • David guided me through the process of changing schools so that I reached a decision which felt agreeable to everyone involved and kept intact sanity and good family relations.
  • David has helped me immensely throughout my university application process and in guiding my studies and ambitions in general. He is very understanding and his whole Skype process really works, in short David has been instrumental in helping me make life changing decisions which always turn out for the best.
  • David helped me enormously in the process of pulling together my personal statement. He set me discernible drafting tasks within realistic deadlines which I felt comfortably able to achieve .The end product / final personal statement really represented everything I wanted to say but could never have been as elegant without David’s input .

Parental Perspectives

  • David Hargreaves is knowledgeable, insightful, practical and endlessly calm. We couldn't recommend him more.
  • David Hargreaves is unique in our experience. He knows the system inside out, gets to understand the qualities of the candidate he is working with, and most of all provides a personalised and dedicated service for the parents. He's worth every penny!
  • … the two of them worked very happily and effectively together and David was also meticulous at keeping in close and tactful communication with me.
  • David not only gave valuable interview practice but challenged him to think things through.  He is straight talking and this approach of gently asking students to look beyond their first thoughts has resulted in a new maturity in my son.
  • David's style is collaborative and it had the effect of raising my daughter’s confidence. He was always been available to talk to her and his delight in her success demonstrates the extent to which he personally involves himself in helping people achieve their goals.
  • David Hargreaves was truly inspirational. He has extreme patience and managed to make this a stress free process and drew the best from my daughter. He is a highly intelligent man with a passion for education and helping people through stressful times. He comes highly recommended.
  • David’s unique gift is to combine a deep understanding and sensitivity to the abilities and needs of each individual, and the ability to apply it to his great knowledge and experience.
  • We, and more importantly our son, feel so fortunate to have benefited from David Hargreaves' wise counsel.  David was able to provide calm and authoritative advice during his application and interview process.  It is our belief that, first and foremost, David's advice was driven by what would be best for our son and that gave us special comfort in a challenging situation.
  • David Hargreaves has been a godsend for us. He gave informed and insightful support at a deeply stressful time winning not only our confidence but most importantly that of our son who was guided to make decisions which in retrospect have proved crucial. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
  • We were so relieved to have David working with my daughter and restoring her confidence. They both worked so well together. David has a great affinity with people - keeping them working to reach their goals and, where necessary, to regain trust in themselves.

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